Guide: Choosing the Best Car Amplifier


One of the most important things you should rarely overlook is a car audio system for your car because this determines your music experience. Though a complete audio system consists of many parts, for this article we will focus on the amplifier which is one of the main components of the system.

Some cars come with already installed amplifiers, but many drivers opt to change depending on the power output they prefer for the speakers. How do you ensure you invest in the right one? In this article, we will take you through what you need to bear in mind as you shop for your ultimate amplifier choice.

So what factors should you focus on?

  1. Power

Power highly demonstrates the level of performance you should expect from an amplifier. Of all other factors, this one should never be overlooked especially if you really want the best quality. First step is to first choose your speakers, which will determine the minimum power your amplifier will require based on the speakers’ specifications.

To settle on the power of the amplifier, you should look at the watts which are usually expressed per channel. The higher this number is, the more powerful your amplifier will be. You have to match the amplifier power requirements with what is needed by your speakers, otherwise you will end up having a twisted sound.

  1. Sound quality

It is rather obvious the reason you are investing is a good amplifier is so that you get to enjoy great sound. In this case, you should look at technical aspects such as frequency, decibel, and filters which determine the sound quality. You can even check reviews online before settling on a choice just to be sure.

  1. Channel

What is the specific configuration of the amplifier that you will require? You can answer this by looking at the number of channels which will signify the number of speakers that will be powered by the amplifier. The general rule is that one channel works with one speaker.

Also note that if you will be installing a sub-woofer as well in the system, one channel amplifier will work perfectly fine. However, should you have more speakers; it is advisable you choose two, four or six-channel amplifiers. So for instance if you have a sub-woofer and complete-range speakers, it would be best to go for a six-channel amplifier.

  1. Installation

Installation of the amplifier is quite easy because you can go to your local mechanic to do it for you. However, if you are a DIY person, you can choose to save some coins and do it yourself. If you choose an amplifier that comes with a complete user instruction manual from the manufacturer you will be good to go. Actually, you can refer to so many videos online for guidance.

Final thoughts

Since there are dozens of amplifier options available in the market, you will need to rely on your good judgment and plenty of review sites before you settle on the best choice.



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